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Who is an Ideal Juicing Franchise Owner?

What does I Love Juice Bar look for when we’re considering a juice bar franchising partnership? Passion and caring.

I Love Juice Bar’s founders and first franchisees share several attributes: They have strong business backgrounds, they recognize a market opportunity and they are eager to grow a strong brand. At their core, though, they are united by passion for health, wellness and community.

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“I Love Juice Bar is a strong business, and part of the reason is that we are so sincere in our desire to create a healthy and supportive oasis for our customers,” CEO John Hunt says. “If you are choosing between opening a juice bar and opening a frozen yogurt place, you’re probably not the right candidate. Our franchisees need to be passionate about creating a place that exudes healthiness, energy and positivity.”

Consider someone like NFL cornerback Cortland Finnegan. Cortland started out as an I Love Juice Bar customer while he was playing for the St. Louis Rams. The Samford graduate fell in love with the products and the environment, and he soon fell in love with the business opportunity, too.

He plans to make I Love Juice Bar a big part of his post-NFL career. He is now a partner in I Love Juice Bar, and his investment has provided a strong base for supporting franchisees as we grow. He is also using his celebrity status to educate the community about the nutritional value of juicing.

Barry Goodman is another great example of a passionate franchisee. He has owned more than a hundred exercise franchise businesses in the past, and in August 2013, his brother called him to tell him about I Love Juice Bar.

“He’d lost 29 pounds juicing,” Barry says. “I went over and looked around and realized that John and Vui Hunt had a tiger by the tail. My brother looked better than I’d ever seen him, so I got myself some juices to give it a try. While I was there, I saw the line going out the door. I knew I needed to get involved with it, because I am passionate about wellness and weight loss.”

Barry now owns an I Love Juice Bar location in Huntsville, Alabama, Knoxville, Tennessee, and Louisville, Kentucky.

Jenny and Philip Adams also brought our juicing franchise to Columbus, Georgia.

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“There is nothing like it in our marketplace,” Jenny says. “We have introduced Columbus to a whole new world. It’s like taking blinders off of someone’s eyes that there is a great way to fill your body with such great nutrients and do it in a way that is quick and portable and fun.”

Are you passionate about health and nutrition, and eager to create a haven for like-minded people in your community? Fill out the form on this page, and tell us a little about yourself. We’ll be in touch!

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