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Who Buys Fresh Juice?

I Love Juice Bar: More than a health food franchise

As Americans seek out healthier dining options, they have flocked to juice bars and smoothie bars. I Love Juice Bar customers become regulars because they know that they can enjoy delicious foods that aren’t full of trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup, additives and preservatives — and all the negative health effects that come with them.

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Diners are looking for places they can trust — places that provide convenience, flavor, nutrition, and a friendly and welcoming environment. When you deliver on those counts, people can’t get enough.

Juice bars appeal to young and old alike

I Love Juice Bar customers are motivated by health and by community. These customers are willing and able to pay more for the best and most nutritious items. They realize that by paying a little more for quality, they can stay stronger and healthier. That’s true both for people who are uber-fit, and for people who are trying to get there. Many customers grab one or two juices every day. Customers who are in the midst of a juice cleanse buy four to six juices a day. Their repeat business adds up, creating strong revenue for franchisees.

Customers also come back frequently because they enjoy the atmosphere at I Love Juice Bar. Locations are designed to feel like an artisanal home-away-from-home, and customers are greeted warmly by employees who love the fact that they are helping people live healthier lives.

When they can, customers will grab a table and visit with their friends (and they’ll probably become fast friends with the people behind the counter. Of course, customers are often in a hurry — and that’s one of the reasons I Love Juice Bar is so beloved by customers. We continually make our most popular juices so that fresh juices are ready to go all day long. That allows customers to grab a fresh juice and be back out the door in just a minute or two. The convenience attracts customers to I Love Juice Bar, and the ability to quickly serve customers allows franchisees to serve more people and earn more revenue.

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Additional menu items broaden appeal

I Love Juice Bar is popular with customers for another reason, too: We offer smoothies and vegetarian fare, using the same high-quality ingredients and the same approach to both taste and nutrition. Smoothies, by themselves, are a $2.4 billion industry in the United States, and our gourmet smoothies are unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere, with unique flavor profiles that jump off the tongue. Our spring rolls and soups add another dimension, appealing to people looking for a satisfying crunch or a warm and savory meal. The soups, in particular, help draw in customers who want a healthy meal, but who may also be looking for something hearty on a cold day.

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