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What’s Special About Our Menu?

Natural ingredients and attention to detail set I Love Juice Bar menu apart

I Love Juice Bar is not the first juice franchise around, but it’s different — and better — in many ways. Let’s start with the menu.

First of all, I Love Juice Bar makes all of its juices, smoothies and other menu items in the restaurant, all day, every day. We make up a fresh batch of our most popular juice blends first thing so people who come in early can grab their favorite and head back out the door. Fresh juices and smoothies are made on demand all day long.

Many juice or smoothie franchise operations rely on pre-mixed syrups and other base ingredients. Not I Love Juice Bar. The fruits and vegetables in our blends are trucked in daily, with many items coming from local farms and vendors. We believe the closer to home, the better when it comes to our raw ingredients.

We also know that juice is best when it’s consumed as soon as possible. We recommend customers drink their juice within 20 minutes of our making it, because that’s when the raw ingredients are at their peak. (Think about how a raw apple turns brown soon after it’s cut; that’s oxidation, which means that the nutritional value is beginning to deteriorate. The same goes with juices.)

healthy franchise optionsEven more important, our juices and smoothies have no added sugars. Compare that to other juice or smoothie franchises, which use canned fruits stored in sugary corn syrup, and then still add sugar and “flavor shots” — or produce that has been powderized, or juiced, canned and shipped in. Aside from offering little nutritional value, many of their drinks have more than a day’s worth of sugar in one serving.

Quality ingredients = superior sales

Juice franchises are doing better today than ever before. A $5 billion industry, sales are expected to rise between 4 percent and 8 percent in the coming years thanks to strong interest from people in their 20s and 30s who are expected to make juicing a regular lifestyle choice versus a fad.

The I Love Juice Bar menu works well in this space. From unique juice blends to the ability for customers to build their own concoctions, the menu is designed to offer many entry points to veteran and novice juicers. Average ticket prices at the original I Love Juice franchise location in Brentwood were $12, and there are more than 5,300 people participating in the restaurant’s loyalty program, which means guests are spending that much, or more, several times a week.

Juice cleanses remain popular with dieters, as well, creating a strong secondary revenue stream for the I Love Juice Bar juice franchise. The $45.89 a day option (Mason jars included) is one of the most popular cleanse options at the original location, and is seeing strong interest in franchise operations, as well.

healthy franchises with strong revenue

“We offer an honest, authentic, actually-helps-you product,” says John Hunt, who founded I Love Juice Bar with his wife, Vui, a vegetarian chef and restaurateur. “We have a passion for our own health and have created a space where like-minded people can find tasty, reasonably priced juices and food that enable their own healthy lifestyles.”

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