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What Training and Support is Offered?

An overview of the training and support offered by I Love Juice Bar

In addition to the benefits of being part of a growing brand, the other reason people enjoy owning franchise businesses is because of the training and support that if offered by the franchise system. So what kind of training and support does I Love Juice Bar offer?

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Here’s a look at some of the biggest benefits:

A strong brand

Jim Keet, who owns multiple Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafes in Arkansas, is in the process of bringing I Love Juice Bar to that market. As a successful restaurateur, one of the things that impresses Keet about I Love Juice Bar is that its founders, John and Vui Hunt, have created an extremely strong brand with strong word-of-mouth and a powerful presence in social media. “But it’s also the little things,” he says, “Like the logo, the bright colors and the easy-to-read menu boards. Everything is very streamlined.”

I Love Juice Bar stands out as a place where customers can buzz in and out for a quick, convenient juice, but many of our customers choose to sit and visit, making I Love Juice Bar a home away from home. The good vibe and relaxed atmosphere is contagious and keeps customers coming back. Our systems allow us to serve customers quickly — but our atmosphere and passion ensure that a lot of them will want to stick around and become friends.

Powerful systems

I Love Juice Bar offers remarkable systems that are proven thanks to 40 years of refinement. Even though I Love Juice Bar started in 2013, it is backed by executives who have helped build restaurant concepts since the early 1970s. In early 2014, Nashville-based Fresh Hospitality partnered in I Love Juice Bar, and we are leveraging Fresh Hospitality’s vast experience and systems to drive success for franchisees.

Fresh Hospitality is led by Michael Bodnar, who helped lead Shoney’s in the 1970s and also became one of the first Wendy’s franchisees. He helped the brand grow in the South and became a turnaround specialist who helped struggling locations achieve success. He eventually founded a software company that provided Back Office Software for huge franchise systems and other restaurants nationwide.

With the help of his son, Matt Bodnar, those systems have become ever more refined over the years. Today, Fresh Hospitality uses its tools and experience to grow promising, high-quality brands. Among the many strengths of their systems: predicting demand so restaurant owners can anticipate staffing and ordering needs, thus controlling labor costs and reducing food spoilage — both of which help drive profitability.

hands on support to teach you how to start a juice bar

Hands-on training

I Love Juice Bar offers hands-on training to franchisees and store managers. Our training has two basic goals: Turning you into a juicing expert, and teaching you how to use the tools you’ll need to manage your business and drive profits.

We teach you how to prep fruits and vegetables so that you can offer extremely fast service during peak times. We teach you about the nutritional benefits of various fruits, vegetables and essential oils so you will be able to create custom smoothies and juices to meet your customers’ desires.

We also teach you how to build sales and product projections, how to manage inventory, ordering and invoicing, how to audit your hourly labor rate, and how to create screamingly fast P&L statements so you can identify issues in real time, rather than waiting weeks and months to find out if something has gone askew — or if something is going great that you should make an everyday part of your business!

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