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What Territories Are Available?

I Love Juice Bar has prime territories available throughout the United States for opening a juice bar

I Love Juice Bar started with one location in Brentwood, Tennessee, in 2013, and we are growing quickly. We are looking for great franchise partners who can help us reach cities nationwide over the next few years.

you could be opening a juice bar of your own

I Love Juice Bar has created a distinctive, welcoming brand that is bursting with positive energy and has become a magnet for customers.

Jenny Adams and her husband, Philip, are bringing I Love Juice Bar to Columbus, Georgia, after first experiencing the brand as customers in Brentwood. Jenny was in town for a college reunion, and a friend was eager to take Jenny to her new favorite spot. “She told me, ‘I go several times a week, and I’m hooked on juice now.’ We walked in, and it was hopping. There was an amazing energy in the place. People in line were so happy to be there; the people behind the counter were happy folks.” Jenny tried a smoothie, “which was amazing,” and then ordered several juices. She took a “We Got the Beet” juice home to her husband in Columbus, and he was impressed, too.

They started researching the brand and learning more about the health benefits of juicing. They quickly realized that it was a great business opportunity.

“We are so excited about opening an I Love Juice Bar in Columbus, and hopefully opening more locations in Georgia and Alabama,” she says. “We love it.”

What we look for in a location

I Love Juice Bar attracts middle-income to high-income customers who are looking for the best nutrients and freshest natural flavors. A typical location will be around 1,500 square feet, located in a high-traffic area with good visibility. We also look for area with a high density of upper-income residents. Nearby gyms, yoga studios and natural food stores also draw customers who are likely to stop by an I Love Juice Bar.

Neighborhoods like this exist in all corners of the United States. We can help you identify promising areas in your area. For a rough picture of the opportunity, consider this map from the U.S. Census Bureau, showing counties with a median household income of $50,000 or higher in 2012. Each of those counties is full of higher-income neighborhoods full of people who would eagerly embrace a high-quality juice bar.

see where you could be opening a juice bar of your own

“It’s a huge opportunity,” Jenny says. “The structure they are putting in place makes it almost a turnkey operation, and a lot of the buying power and vendor relationships that John and his team have established make it easy for an investor to come in and go from signed agreement to serving their first cup of juice.”

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