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Posted Oct 18th, 2016

I Love Juice Bar Announces Second Lone Star State Franchisee

New owners praise model and training as they prepare to open location in Allen, Texas

I Love Juice Bar Franchise

Juicing is a $5 billion a year industry, and I Love Juice Bar is one of the fastest growing brands in the business.

Fresh on the heels of our first I Love Juice Bar location in Plano, Texas, John and Brittney Zuffinetti are set to open their first location in Allen, a bustling suburb just north of Dallas. With the husband-wife team’s diverse background in service businesses and franchising, the Zuffinettis are excited to join the premier juice bar franchise.


John Zuffineti, along with his mother and wife, Brittney, trained in Nashville to open an I Love Juice Bar franchise in Texas.

“We had come up with the idea of opening our own juice bar in Allen because there is a need for it and there isn’t one there yet,” John said. But the couple knew starting from scratch was an uphill battle, so they began researching and came across I Love Juice Bar. “We started looking into the business, really liked it, and we thought, ‘If we’re going to open a juice bar, this is what we want it to look like.’”

John and Brittney were drawn to our upbeat atmosphere and our commitment to fresh juices and smoothies. With John’s years in food services, most recently as a managing partner at P.F. Chang’s, he was impressed with the quality and consistency of the juice and smoothie products we offer. Once they did a discovery day and met I Love Juice Bar founders John and Vui Hunt, they were in.

“John and Vui were a big part of our decision,” Brittney says. “The atmosphere and culture they created was something we loved. It didn’t have that corporate feel of a lot of other businesses.”

During the training process, John and Brittney brought along his mother, who will also work in their I Love Juice Bar store. The family trio traveled to Nashville for training, where they spent their time working in the Berry Hill location. Spending time in the store gave them the opportunity to really dive deeply into our work.

“It’s nice to get comfortable in a store, to see the same people,” Brittney says. John quickly adds that, after all of the learning and juicing that goes on, it really doesn’t feel much like a job.

“It’s super fun. We get done with work, and I don’t even feel like I’ve been working when I’m here,” John says. “It’s fun and exciting, and I’m really looking forward to taking this back to Texas.”

Full of high energy and positivity, I Love Juice Bar is one of the fastest growing foodservice brands

Part of the fun is that special I Love Juice Bar energy that first attracted them to the brand, and the enthusiasm of their trainers and partners at the Berry Hill location really drives home the culture we’ve created. Employees are cheerful and in synch with one another.

“The employees like their jobs,” Brittney says. “If they didn’t like what they’re doing, I think that would have a huge impact on us. It’s a team, but really it’s more like a family.”

At I Love Juice Bar, each employee embraces our motto — “Have fun, be amazing” — and customers begin to buy into that mission, as well. They come back time and again as much for the interaction as they do our high-quality, healthful juice products. It’s not just about no-sugar-added or real-fruit juices. I Love Juice Bar offers a diverse assortment of juices, smoothies, and foods, and that makes us a one-stop shop all day, every day.

“People come back multiple times a day,” John says. “They’ll show up at 7 a.m., get their juice, a smoothie or a muffin, and then we see them at lunch when they’re coming to get their salad. There’s just so much to choose from, people keep coming back for whatever they’re craving at that moment.”

Juicing is a $5 billion a year industry, and I Love Juice Bar is one of the fastest growing brands in the business. John and Brittney are excited about the direction I Love Juice Bar is headed, and John believes they’ve joined the franchise at just the right time. Brittney puts it another way.

“I don’t see why I Love Juice Bar can’t be on every corner like a Starbucks,” she says. “It would be so amazing for the world today if people had that kind of access to healthy products.”

Learn more about joining the I Love Juice Bar revolution

You can bring I Love Juice Bar to your community for a relatively low investment, with startup costs ranging from $170,000 to just over $300,000. You can learn more about how we started, why our mission is important to us and how our business model is structured by checking out our research pages.

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