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Posted Jan 22nd, 2018

The Year’s End Creates Sales Opportunities for I Love Juice Bar Franchisees

Customers seek Juice Bar products during the holidays

The holidays typically evoke visions of heavy, indulgent comfort foods and desserts. That’s precisely why I Love Juice Bar franchise owners see an uptick in business during the busy November, December and January months. When customers want a break from the standard holiday fare, they crave something lighter and healthier. I Love Juice Bar’s juices, smoothies, salads and bowls hit the spot.

“The year’s end can be a profitable time for our franchise owners for many different reasons,” says John Hunt, CEO and founder of I Love Juice Bar. “Our stores see customers who are seeking out alternatives to the less healthy foods and beverages of the season, and as the new year nears, people begin thinking more about that fresh start. I Love Juice Bar fits in nicely with new year’s resolutions to live more healthy and to eat cleaner.”

Early winter means customers are looking for immunity boosters

There’s nothing like the start of cold and flu season to have people looking for ways to stay well, and the busyness of the holidays can be exhausting. Our marketing team has launched a targeted campaign to help customers “Sleigh the Holiday Hustle.” With an emphasis on turning to I Love Juice Bar for help with everything from gift giving to stress management to warding off the sniffles, this campaign has customers flocking to their neighborhood Juice Bars to refuel, recharge and reset.

Our ingredient spotlight for December features our essential oils, which are cross-promoted in the “Sleigh the Holiday Hustle” campaign. We recommend essential oil shots for energy and wellness. We also suggest I Love Juice Bar gift cards for everyone on customers’ lists, and we highlight our juice cleanses to help customers who are already looking to their new year’s resolutions. To encourage more sales, we are promoting a discount on the cleanses if customers order before December 31.

“We’ve had incredible success thus far with our new marketing efforts, including the ingredient spotlight,” says Ali Rudnick, who leads marketing for I Love Juice Bar. “This holiday-themed campaign is just another way that the brand is equipping the franchisees to attract more customers to their stores, plus these specific promotions are unique in that they can also create repeat customers into the new year.”

Start the new year with a new business

There’s never been a better time to become an I Love Juice Bar franchisee. If you’re passionate about healthy living and serving your community, I Love Juice Bar ownership could be perfect for you.

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