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Posted Feb 19th, 2018

Why Owning an I Love Juice Bar Franchise Is a Smart Decision

Growing demand, affordable start-up costs and ongoing marketing support make a Juice Bar franchise a good investment

Opening an I Love Juice Bar franchise can be a wise investment and a fun business to own. The health-focused juice and smoothie industry is exploding as more people seek healthier menu options and we offer an authentic brand with strong support and a chef-created menu.

An I Love Juice Bar is an affordable business to own and operate, too.

Today’s health-conscious consumers demand I Love Juice Bar. Once considered a fad, juices and smoothies are now menu staples and must-haves for all types of customers. We use only the freshest, highest-quality fruits and vegetables to make our delicious juices and smoothies, plus our grab-and-go bowls, salads and spring rolls. Our franchises rapidly become gathering spots in the communities where they are located, as customers make return visits to get our unique products.

We believe that consumers’ love affair with juices and smoothies has snowballed into a near-obsession. Director of Marketing Ali Rudnick says, “I think that we’re starting to see, and we’ll continue to see, cleaner body-fueling food — not just juices and smoothies — but those real, clean foods industry-wide. Once Juice Bar customers experience our products — what they are like, see some small changes in their bodies, and see the positive impact they’re having and you know they’ll be Juice Bar customers for life.”

Opening an I Love Juice Bar franchise is more affordable than opening a similar food-service business. Compared to most other food franchises, a Juice Bar is considerably lower to begin. Many entrepreneurs and restaurateurs will spend $1 million or more to get their businesses up and running. Costs to start an I Love Juice Bar range from $172,860 to $302,805.

Lower costs and overhead mean that franchisees can recoup their investment more quickly, and many choose to reinvest into their businesses by opening more franchises. As experts on restaurant trends, those in the hospitality industry know that there’s high demand for the products we serve nationwide. Restaurateurs with one franchise are ideally poised to purchase more to answer that demand.

Our strategic marketing efforts raise brand awareness, bringing new customers and increased sales to your franchise. In the past year, we have ramped up our marketing efforts by adding a new full-time marketing director, launching a brand-new customer website and publishing an e-newsletter with more than 10,000 subscribers.

“We already know that Juice Bar sells a great product,” Rudnick says. “It’s healthy, it fuels your body, it meets your nutrition needs, and it tastes good. That’s already there. So marketing represents how the market views our business — how consumers talk about us, how they expect their experience at Juice Bar to be, and why they chose us in the first place. Marketing can go a long way in determining how customers regard us, and that may determine if they want to spend their money with us. Marketing is essential in keeping Juice Bar in front of the customer so that they will come into our stores for the Juice Bar experience.”

Learn more about opening an I Love Juice Bar franchise

If you’re looking for a wise financial investment and want to pursue a rewarding career in an exploding industry, consider franchising with us.

Learn more about the opportunity by exploring our research pages or by requesting a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

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