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Posted Nov 20th, 2017

A Strategic Focus on Marketing Efforts Pays off Big Time for I Love Juice Bar Franchise

Juice Bar franchisees see increased sales thanks to recent campaigns

I Love Juice Bar franchise focuses on marketing our delicious smoothies, juices, bowls and salads and spreading the word about where hungry, health-conscious consumers can find them. This year, we ramped up our marketing efforts by adding a full-time employee in our corporate office devoted to the task. Once Ali Rudnick joined our team, she put our marketing plans in place, and our franchisees have seen an impressive boost in overall brand awareness and sales.

This year alone, we’ve launched a brand-new consumer website and an email newsletter list. The website is a beautiful, engaging way to draw consumers, and it prominently features one of the ingredients in our products each month for the “Ingredient Spotlight.” We blog about the ingredient, offering recipes and fun facts. We keep all our followers informed through the email newsletter.

Our results from this effort alone are mind-blowing! “When we rolled out the new website with the new content, we added something that we’d never had before,” explains Ali. “We put on a pop-up window where you can enter your e-mail address, and you’ll get a monthly Juice Press newsletter, which has updates from the blog, more recipes and other news. We grew that email database from zero to 10,000 in about three months!”

Featured “Ingredient Spotlight” boosts sales for Juice Bar franchisees

The increased engagement with content translates to an increase in sales for our Juice Bar franchisees. We discovered that in educating readers about and promoting a featured ingredient each month, consumers were much more likely to order the products that contain that ingredient from their local Juice Bar store.

For example, in June, we focused on pineapple. We tracked sales for products that included pineapple, including Pineapple Greens juice, the Dragon Fruit Bowl, the Orange You Smooth smoothie, the Mint to Be smoothie and the Orange You Glad juice. All of those products saw a significant sales increase. Specifically, sales of Pineapple Greens increased 62%, the Dragon Fruit Bowl increased 285%, the Orange You Smooth increased 67%, the Mint to Be was 10% and the Orange You Glad was 35%.

“It’s incredible,” says Ali. “It shows you that our customers are paying attention to what we have to say about our products, and how one little ingredient does benefit your body. We told them where to find that ingredient, and then the sales of those products increased substantially in our stores.”

Potential franchisees may wonder what I Love Juice Bar’s marketing department does or why that should matter. Marketing provides many benefits for the franchise owner, which ultimately bring more customers in the door.

“We already know that Juice Bar sells a great product. It’s healthy, it fuels your body, it meets your nutrition needs, and it tastes good. That’s already there. So marketing represents how the market views our business — how consumers talk about us, how they expect their experience at Juice Bar to be, and why they chose us in the first place. Marketing can go a long way in determining how customers regard us, and that may determine if they want to spend their money with us. Marketing is essential in keeping Juice Bar in front of the customer so that they will come into our stores for the Juice Bar experience,” Ali says.

Now is the time to join I Love Juice Bar franchise

We are committed to supporting our I Love Juice Bar franchisees with outstanding marketing support, which helps your franchise thrive.

If you’re interested in joining the Juice Bar family and helping us live out our motto, “Have Fun. Be Amazing,” we want to talk with you. Learn more about us by checking out our research pages.

For more information, download our free franchise report.

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