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Posted Dec 4th, 2017

Why I Love Juice Bar Is Here to Stay

The future’s looking bright for Juice Bar franchisees as millennials are becoming core customer base

Juicing is now mainstream, thanks to millennials who consider good health to be hip. I Love Juice Bar offers a menu, atmosphere and mission that resonates with younger adults who continually come to our franchises for healthy juices and smoothies or a delicious salad, sandwich, spring rolls or bowls.

i love juice bar franchise

“We know that millennials are one of our primary customer groups and that the Juice Bar experience appeals to the next generation,” says John Hunt, CEO and founder of I Love Juice Bar. “Captivating them now means long-term success for our franchisees and our brand. Their preferences and our priorities are a natural fit.”

America’s millennials— young adults now in their mid-20s to mid-30s — have unique habits, buying trends and preferences, just as their parents and grandparents did before them.

Millennials are redefining the dining experience. They value creativity and customization and actively pursue new foods and experiences.

Millennials also care about choosing the healthiest options available, which includes products that are locally grown and free of preservatives and artificial ingredients, just like those sold at our Juice Bar franchises. A commitment to whole food, high-quality standards is compelling millennial customers to pay a little more than they would for an inferior product and return as a customer. I Love Juice Bar is well worth it to millennials.

I Love Juice Bar answers millennials’ dining preferences

As potential franchisees evaluate the I Love Juice Bar business opportunity, it’s important to consider how a franchise will grow. Who will the business serve, and will there be enough consumer demand for the product?

For I Love Juice Bar, the answer is millennials. Their love for Juice Bar products will be increasing in the coming years.

We offer a creative and customized experience. With rotating monthly specials featuring a healthy ingredient on our menu, I Love Juice Bar is always challenging our customers to try something new. Additionally, the sky’s the limit as to how a millennial customer can create their own juice or smoothie, made fresh in front of their eyes.

Technology is creating loyal customers. Millennial customers place to-go orders through our mobile app and our website. Our updated website contains a wealth of recipes and information. New and repeat customers are coming to I Love Juice Bar after following us on social media.

Our products are made with the highest quality ingredients. At I Love Juice Bar, we make all of our juices, smoothies, salads, sandwiches, spring rolls and bowls in our stores daily of fresh fruits and vegetables. When possible, they are locally sourced and never contain any added sugars or synthetic ingredients, fillers or flavors. I Love Juice Bar takes pride in offering the most authentic products made of the highest quality ingredients, a commitment that millennials appreciate.

Open your I Love Juice Bar franchise now

Now is the perfect time to begin setting up your business for growth well into the future. We are interested in partnering with new franchisees nationwide who are eager to bring healthy options to their communities.

Learn more about I Love Juice Bar by visiting our research pages or downloading a free copy of our franchise information report.

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