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Posted Aug 7th, 2017

I Love Juice Bar Is a Great Fit for Restaurateurs

Franchise ownership can be the next career step for those in the hospitality industry

If you’re a restaurateur, working in the hospitality industry is a passion. You have spent years — maybe decades — serving others. Becoming an I Love Juice Bar franchise owner can be a welcome next step when you are looking for a challenge that offers personal and professional rewards.

I Love Juice Bar Franchise

Restaurateurs and hospitality careerists have found success as multi-unit franchise owners with I Love Juice Bar. I Love Juice Bar franchise ownership is attractive for entrepreneurs who love working in the hospitality industry but may be ready for a change.

“I had lots of jobs in the restaurant industry,” says John Zuffinetti, franchise owner in Texas. “It’s always definitely been my passion. I just love being hospitable and being in the hospitality industry, but I got tired of making corporate America a bunch of money. I always knew I could do something on my own.”

Make a difference in your local community with I Love Juice Bar franchise

With an I Love Juice Bar franchise, your store becomes the hub of the community — the place where locals congregate for a good time, healthy food and fresh, nutritious juices and smoothies. Franchise owners find incredible fulfillment in knowing their work is about more than making a paycheck — they know their customers’ names and remember their regular orders. They are committed to providing the very best in customer care, which is the heart of the career that they have pursued.

If you want to remain in the hospitality industry but want to leave “corporate America,” I Love Juice Bar franchise ownership gives you the opportunity to be your own boss, operate your restaurant the way you want and do the work you love.

“I saw [owners] John and Vui’s passion for what they do,” John continues. “I started researching it and although being a franchisee kind of scared me at first, I Love Juice Bar had a very non-corporate feel to me. Even though I own a franchise, I still feel like I work for myself.”

Lower startup costs and overhead, plus high demand, equals more profit potential

For restaurateurs who dream of owning their own restaurant, the cost can be prohibitive. Not with I Love Juice Bar. It’s an affordable franchise to start with and doesn’t have high overhead costs. One of the many advantages of the I Love Juice Bar concept is that its startup costs are far lower than most food franchises, many of which cost $1 million or more to get started. By comparison, costs to start an I Love Juice Bar range from $172,860 to $302,805.

Juicing is not a passing fad. It’s here to stay, and most every community in the country has inherent demand for the high-quality, affordable and convenient juices, smoothies and food items I Love Juice Bar offers. Restaurateurs quickly recognize the profit potential with an I Love Juice Bar. The ordinary smoothies and juices on our competitors’ menus pale in comparison to the nutrition, quality and taste that I Love Juice Bar provides — and no other restaurant or franchise can replicate our unique mission that drives us: “Have fun. Be amazing.”   

“I definitely think I Love Juice bar is set apart from other juice bars because of its culture and its hospitality and its affordability,” John says.  “Everything tastes amazing, and it’s very affordable and approachable. It’s something for everybody.“

Lower costs and overhead mean that franchisees can recoup their investment more quickly, and many choose to reinvest into their businesses by opening more franchises. As experts on restaurant trends, those in the hospitality industry know that there’s great demand for the products we serve nationwide. Restaurateurs with one franchise are ideally poised to purchase more to answer that demand.

Explore I Love Juice Bar franchise ownership

If you have a passion for the hospitality industry but are ready for a change, consider becoming a franchise owner with I Love Juice Bar. Join us as we expand rapidly across the country throughout 2017.

Learn more about how we started, why our mission is important to us and how our business model is structured by checking out our research pages. For more information, fill out a form to download our free franchise report.

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