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Posted Sep 8th, 2016

I Love Juice Bar Franchise Taps National Focus on Healthy Choices

Juice Bar offers customers locally sourced, healthful options

I Love Juice Bar FranchiseSeven out of every 10 U.S. adults who step into a restaurant are trying to eat healthier, according to a report published by the National Restaurant Association. With our focus on healthy and healthful juices and smoothies, I Love Juice Bar is tapping into this trend.

Meanwhile, that same National Restaurant Association study highlighted several other ways the market is responding to the products and services I Love Juice Bar franchise owners provide. From locally sourcing produce and other menu items to our commitment to sustainability, I Love Juice Bar is hitting all the high notes of market growth.

I Love Juice Bar is a healthy franchise that offers fresh-made juices, smoothies and plant-based foods to the growing ranks of customers who prefer food options that are nutritious, delicious and convenient. I Love Juice Bar’s first location opened in 2013. Today, the company has more than 35 locations open or under development.

Here are just a few ways that I Love Juice Bar is carving its niche in these emerging healthy market trends.

I Love Juice Bar franchises sell high-quality, healthy beverages and foods

I Love Juice Bar

Step into an I Love Juice Bar franchise, and you’ll just feel better. That’s the assessment of Myra Floyd, one of our newest franchise owners. She and her husband, Mike, are opening the first I Love Juice Bar franchise in Texas — in an upscale Plano shopping center less than a year after they paid a surprise visit to the grand opening of an I Love Juice Bar location in the hip Germantown neighborhood of Nashville.

“We were able to taste everything, and, hands-down, the juices taste better than any of the juices I’ve had around where we live,” says Myra, a respiratory therapist who will run the store full-time with their daughter and 14-year-old son. “As soon as we left after the grand opening, we knew this was what we wanted to do.”

When people seek a healthy kick in their lives, they can turn to I Love Juice Bar. Once they’ve come once, they keep coming back for the quality and consistency of the products.

Juice bar franchise owners locally source produce

Whether it’s strawberries grown on a farm down the road or kale from a local producer, I Love Juice Bar franchise locations locally source produce and other products for our diverse menu whenever possible. Our franchise management team works with new franchisees to develop relationships and sources for produce, which not only improves the freshness of the product customers buy, but it also supports the local economy.

When John and Vui Hunt opened their first I Love Juice Bar in Brentwood, Tennessee, the couple set out to develop relationships with local growers so they could be sure they were offering the freshest, healthiest products. Customers responded, too, and within the first year, more than 5,300 customers had signed up for the I Love Juice Bar loyalty program.

“We were thrilled that we were getting customers who are interested not just in juicing, but in a whole healthy lifestyle,” John says. “They simply want to eat well and know they are eating well — not just every so often, but all the time — and we have that in common with them. It’s a very good relationship.”

Local menu offerings create a sustainable supply chain

In their 2016 study, the National Restaurant Association identified locally grown produce, hyper-local sourcing and environmental sustainability as Nos. 2, 3, and 8 on its top 10 list of trends. I Love Juice Bar handcrafts beverages and foods that hit each of these strong points, and our customers respond in kind.

When a company commits to locally sourcing the raw ingredients for its products, that company ensures it is reducing the carbon footprint of the products it sells and minimizing the time produce spends in costly refrigerators, which run on expensive commercial power. Local sources for produce are environmentally friendly and sustainable because of the reduced times between the farmer and the consumer.

When it comes to juice bar franchise offerings, I Love Juice Bar stands out with its innovative commitment to fresh juices produced by hand in the store. These aren’t powders or juice syrups. They’re real, wholesome foods produced with care by a team of well-trained and committed juice fans.

Learn more about bringing I Love Juice Bar to your community

Owning an I Love Juice Bar franchise is a remarkably affordable option, with startup costs that range from $170,000 to just over $300,000. You can learn more about how we started, why our mission is important to us and how our business model is structured by checking out our research pages. For more information, fill out a form to download our free franchise report.

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