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Posted Apr 4th, 2017

I Love Juice Bar Franchise Owner Profile: Anthony Anderson

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, franchisee celebrates first anniversary with I Love Juice Bar franchise

i love juice bar franchisee anthony andersonI Love Juice Bar franchise owner Anthony Anderson’s middle Tennessee location in Murfreesboro is thriving as the sun sets on his first anniversary in business. It’s been a solid year of growth and, as Anthony acknowledges, he’s in his “wheelhouse” running his store.

Anthony sees a steady flow of patrons everyday, many of whom are regulars. He’s in the store daily, always engaging with every customer who comes in. He believes that commitment to personal interaction and customer service sets his business apart from his competitors.

“I think of I Love Juice Bar as a haven where you can get away from all the craziness in life,” Anthony explains. “We want to create that experience for every customer who walks through the door.”

From conference room to juice counter

After more than two decades in corporate America in various engineering, quality and leadership roles, Anthony decided to leave his career in global supply chain management. He focused on doing volunteer work and spending time with family. Six months after taking a sabbatical from the corporate lifestyle, he walked into an I Love Juice Bar and immediately identified with our brand.

“The things I liked from my corporate life were mentoring, customer service and working in the community,” Anthony says. “I Love Juice Bar seemed to fit right in with that. We offer a great complement to someone’s healthy lifestyle — all natural fruits and vegetables, and we focus on serving others. I have immersed myself in being an active community member.”

Anthony’s enthusiasm for his work is apparent as he talks about the differences between those who knew him when he had a corporate job and compare that to seeing him now in his juice bar franchise.

“My corporate life was rigid and structured, and my roles centered around corporate compliance,” Anthony remembers. “I know I probably wasn’t the most fun to be around or the person everyone would gravitate to. But in my I Love Juice Bar life, I’m always smiling, engaging and interacting. People who worked with me previously come into the store and say, ‘you’re a different person,’ and I say, ‘no this person has always been here, but I had to do that role.’ At I Love Juice Bar, I can be who I am and do what I really enjoy — engage with customers and the community. Everyday, I’m excited to come to work.”

i love juice bar franchisee

The future looks bright for Anthony and leaving the daily corporate grind will be anything but leisurely. He has the area development deal for I Love Juice Bar for the entire Rutherford county (where his current store is located). “My short-term goals are to open another store here in the county,” Anthony says. “Long-term, I’d like to expand potentially to my home state of Mississippi and open an I Love Juice Bar franchise there.”

For Anthony, I Love Juice Bar franchise ownership is filling a crucial need to reach both personal and professional goals. He says that faith and family come first, but his I Love Juice Bar business falls next in line because through it, he gets to do important work that he values.

“My I Love Juice Bar franchise business is a vehicle to help me serve the local community and mentor both employees and customers. It adds fulfillment to my life. And it’s fun!,” Anthony says.

Find fulfillment with I Love Juice Bar franchise ownership

Owning an I Love Juice Bar franchise can be both professionally and personally rewarding. You can bring I Love Juice Bar to your community for a relatively low investment, with startup costs ranging from $170,860 to just over $300,000.

Learn more about how we started, why our mission is important to us and how our business model is structured by checking out our research pages.

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