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Posted Nov 2nd, 2016

I Love Juice Bar Franchise Enjoys Nationwide Growth

I Love Juice Bar stands out as a high quality, affordable brand in the  successful juicing industry

From the Volunteer State to the West Coast, I Love Juice Bar franchise continues its rapid nationwide expansion with no signs of stopping. We’ve just opened a new location in Memphis and another in Burbank, California, for a total now of 34 stores open. Sixteen more are under construction, and we have another 23 locations in the works.


This rapid expansion is just one of the hundreds of reasons I Love Juice Bar co-founder and CEO John Hunt is stoked about the future of our company.

“What I’m most thrilled about is that we’re continuing to attract passionate ‘mom-and-pop’ owners who are really excited about what we do,” John says. “Multi-ownership is huge. Most of those committed 23 individuals are already owners who have signed multi-unit deals.”

The reasons behind I Love Juice Bar franchise’s rapid momentum   

Why is I Love Juice Bar growing at such a quick pace? I Love Juice Bar offers several features that appeal to entrepreneurs when they are looking to open a business.

I Love Juice Bar is not just another beverage vendor. Benefiting from their connection to their national support network, I Love Juice Bar franchises also take on a hyper-local focus. I Love Juice Bar franchisees become community leaders as their stores serve delicious, locally inspired drinks. This sets I Love Juice Bar apart from the competition. Our leadership team works with local farmers and producers to secure local produce and craft unique-to-region beverages for a discerning clientele. Visit any I Love Juice, and you’ll see that what develops is a community, where neighbors become friends around a healthy alternative to fast food or brew pubs.

The juicing industry itself is exploding, thereby creating a demand for fresh, high quality offerings. Before year’s end, the juicing industry is expected to grow between four and eight percent. I Love Juice Bar answers that demand. With its farm-to-customer model, delicious and fresh recipes and growing brand presence, I Love Juice Bar is the perfect combination of the right opportunity at the right time.

I Love Juice Bar is a smart financial investment for the savvy entrepreneur. We offer a relatively low initial investment, much lower than a typical juice bar franchise, which can run new owners as much as $1 million total. But I Love Juice is anything but typical. With a franchise fee of $25,000 and a turn-key startup cost beginning at just over $170,000, I Love Juice Bar is the kind of rapid-return investment small business owners want.

I Love Juice Bar resonates with people. Simply put, I Love Juice Bar is a fun place to visit and a fun place to work. “What we offer at I Love Juice Bar is personally appealing to people,” John says. “Maybe they juice at home; maybe they love the culture. What keeps me going is seeing this brand be alive, people loving it and engaging with it, people visiting for Discovery Day. When I get outside of our home market, and people see me and say how much they love the business — I love that.”

Join the nationwide surge and bring I Love Juice Bar franchise to your community

Startup costs for owning an I Love Juice Bar franchise range from $170,000 to just over $300,000. You can learn more about how we started, why our mission is important to us and how our business model is structured by checking out our research pages. For more information, fill out a form to download our free franchise report.

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