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Posted Jul 21st, 2017

Why a Former Seasons 52 Managing Partner Walked Away to Open an I Love Juice Bar Franchise

John Zuffinetti finds fulfillment in more rewarding, less demanding juice bar ownership

I Love Juice Bar franchiseAfter more than 15 years in the corporate restaurant industry, John Zuffinetti was looking for a change. He wanted a career where he could apply his restaurant management and sales expertise without the high stress and late nights of his corporate job. After lots of research, John found I Love Juice Bar, and in 2016 he and his wife Brittney opened their first I Love Juice Bar franchise in Allen, Texas, a suburb north of Dallas.

Fast forward six months, and the husband-wife team are continuing to enjoy the freedom and work-life balance that I Love Juice Bar provides. “As a young family, we love it. It’s great for our needs, it’s great for our family life, and it’s really provided me with some great time with my son and my wife, and we just love what we’re doing,” John says. “I just love, love, love being my own boss and being in charge and being a part of our community and really bringing something to the town that we live in.”

John was tired of using his skills to put money in someone else’s pockets. He knew he wanted to run his own restaurant, but he also wanted to operate a business that would help him enrich other people’s lives without consuming his. I Love Juice Bar, John says, was the perfect match: “I fell in love with their passion, with their culture, with what they’re doing in health and wellness and trying to provide for people, and just the energy that’s around this company is amazing, and it’s infectious, and it’s just super fun to be a part of something that’s growing and becoming really popular in this world right now.”

This health-minded, passionate culture is the essence of what I Love Juice Bar is all about. It’s also, however, about fulfilling entrepreneurial ambitions, something that John enthusiastically embraces: “I absolutely love it because of the freedom of owning your own business. I’ve been in the restaurant industry for my entire life working for corporate restaurants, and so the company as a whole is amazing. John and Vui Hunt, the founders, are so fun to work with, and so freeing to just let you be yourself.”

I Love Juice Bar stands out in a growing industry

According to Barron’s, juicing is a $5 billion a year industry (and growing). This means that lots of market players have moved in to capitalize on the enormous opportunity juicing represents. When asked how I Love Juice Bar stands out in the juicing industry, John said it all comes down to the culture, price and quality of the product: “I Love Juice Bar products sets itself apart from other juice bars because of its culture and its hospitality and its affordability. Everything tastes amazing, and it’s very affordable and very approachable. It’s something for everybody.”

Becoming a part of the Juice Bar mission is simple, really. Just have fun. And be amazing. so think about starting a juice bar franchise today

John is excited to be at at the forefront of a healthy eating revolution in America: “Health and wellness isn’t going away, and we’re only getting stronger. So it’s such a great time for you to get in, and it’s a great time at the company to grow at such a young stage in what they’re doing.”

Furthermore, John says that juicing isn’t a fad, but rather a shift in the way people eat and live: “I don’t see it as a fad, I see it as a lifestyle change for a lot of people. So to be told that I can provide an option to have a juice once or twice a week, that’s great. Here at our location, we sell 64-ounce growlers of juice like they’re going out of style. People just come and fill up three growlers, and they’ll keep another growler for three days, and then they’ll come back on Wednesday and fill their growlers up and come back on Sunday and fill their growlers up. I mean, I can’t even keep them in stock!”

When asked about his future with I Love Juice Bar, John says he plans to keep growing. “We’re about to open our second location only after being open for six months. So it’s super-fun, and we’re super-excited. We kind of just keep going until we can’t open any more. As long as I’m continuing to be successful, I’ll continue to scale and grow three, four, five years down the road.”

Ultimately, what matters most to John is the satisfaction he gets from running his I Love Juice Bar franchise. “It’s enjoyable coming to work every day. I don’t dread it. It’s fun seeing every time a credit card goes in my machine, I know where the money goes.”

John as he holds an i love juice bar sweet greens juice

Learn more about starting a Juice Bar franchise

Owning an I Love Juice Bar franchise changed John Zuffinetti’s life, and it can change yours. You can bring I Love Juice Bar to your community for a relatively low investment, with startup costs ranging from $170,000 to just over $300,000. You can learn more about how we started, why our mission is important to us and how our business model is structured by checking out our research pages. 

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