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Posted Jun 27th, 2017

Entrepreneurs Find Fulfilling Careers With I Love Juice Bar Franchise

Successful franchisees come from diverse backgrounds, but all have passion for serving others

i love juice bar franchsieOur most successful I Love Juice Bar franchise owners come from many walks of life and a variety of backgrounds, but all of them share a love of serving their communities our outstanding, high quality juices, smoothies and foods. We are in the middle of an aggressive franchise expansion nationwide, and we’re looking to partner with entrepreneurs and restaurateurs who would like to start a fulfilling career with I Love Juice Bar.

“As we close in on opening our fiftieth location, we have a good idea of the type of person who fits in well as a franchise owner with I Love Juice Bar,” says John Hunt, CEO and co-founder of I Love Juice Bar. “We know that franchise owners, above all, embrace our motto: ‘Have fun. Be amazing.’ Beyond that, they are conscious about good health, love working in hospitality or seek meaningful work outside of corporate America. Some franchisees embody all three.”

Why type of person enjoys I Love Juice Bar franchise ownership?

We have identified at least three types of people who are doing well with their I Love Juice Bar franchises. If any of these descriptions fit you and you’re interested in becoming a franchisee, we’d love to talk with you and tell you more.

Health enthusiasts – Some of our franchise owners are first and foremost concerned about pursuing a healthy lifestyle and helping others to do the same. In most communities, there’s high demand for the high-quality, nutritious products I Love Juice Bar offers. Our franchisees know that while our competitors may tout their products as “healthy,” those products are often are filled with added sugars or made from powders and syrups. If you are concerned about offering a healthy product that’s affordable, quick, portable and convenient, then you may be ready to bring I Love Juice Bar to your town.

Hospitality careerists – For some of our franchisees, I Love Juice Bar ownership is a smart next step in their hospitality industry careers. Franchise owners who have worked in the restaurant and hospitality industries for years — maybe even decades — find that I Love Juice Bar has a simpler business model with lower startup costs and overhead and greater profit potential. Hospitality careerists see multi-unit ownership as a unique opportunity to continue in the service industry they love at a more affordable investment with greater profit potential — all while pursuing truly rewarding work that helps others.

i love juice bar franchise

Corporate refugees – Many of our franchisees come to I Love Juice Bar after spending several years in a professional career. When the toll of impersonal work, travel and bureaucracy caused these franchisees to look for more rewarding work outside of corporate America, they soon discovered the rewards of franchising with us. For someone who is looking for a rewarding career, I Love Juice Bar offers everything you seek: one-on-one, daily interaction helping others; becoming an important and established community member; and making a difference in customers’ lives with superior products that augment good health.

Learn more about I Love Juice Bar franchise ownership

According to, all over the country, juicing has grown into a $5 billion industry. No longer just for dieters looking to cleanse for a few days, juicing has become a healthy diet option for a wide range of consumers, including millennials who are expected to keep this booming restaurant sector growing by 4% to 8% a year.

In 2016, I Love Juice Bar experienced explosive growth, and we are on track to open our 50th location this year — only three years after our founding. With an initial investment ranging from $172,860 to $302,805, an I Love Juice Bar franchise can be remarkably affordable, with lower startup costs than other, less-lucrative food franchises.

If you’re interested in bringing I Love Juice Bar franchise to your community, we want to talk to you. Check out our research pages or request a copy of our free Franchise Information Report, and a member of our team will be in touch soon.

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