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Posted May 15th, 2017

Why Customers Love I Love Juice Bar Franchise

Delicious menu options, friendly atmosphere, and delightful customer service are just a few of the reasons our customers consistently leave us 5-star reviews

I love Juice BarA great business happens at the intersection of a quality product, excellent customer service, and high customer demand. I Love Juice Bar franchise checks all three of these boxes — and more. Our franchise burst onto the scene in 2013, right as America was entering a healthy eating revolution. According to a 2015 Global Health & Wellness Survey that polled over 30,000 individuals online, consumers today want products that provide good health and nutrition. Eighty-eight percent of those polled said they are willing to pay more for healthier foods. In fact, global sales of healthy food products are projected to reach $1 trillion this year, according to Euromonitor. Clearly, healthy eating is on the rise, and we’re glad to be part of that trend.

In their quest for a healthier lifestyle, many Americans are turning to juice. Nationwide, juicing has become a $5 billion industry. No longer just for dieters looking to cleanse for a few days, juicing has become a healthy diet option for a wide range of consumers, including people in their 20s and 30s who are expected to keep this booming restaurant sector growing by 4% to 8% a year. I Love Juice Bar has stepped into meet this growing demand, setting the industry standard for a fresh product with the best customer service around.

“People are coming here because they want to eat something better, and have it made quickly and happily,” says I Love Juice Bar CEO John Hunt. “They appreciate that what we serve is healthy, but that it’s also tasty, quick and reasonably priced. They come and go, but they also come and hang out. We’ve become not just a place for great, healthy food, but also a center of activity for people who are increasingly embracing that whole lifestyle.”

But don’t just take our word for it. In their own words on Facebook, our customers from around the nation say why they adore I Love Juice Bar.

I Love Juice Bar boasts the best menu options in town

At its core, I Love Juice Bar is a restaurant franchise, so you better believe we have the best menu around. Whether it’s a healthy pick-me-up when you’re in a hurry, a wide array of wholesome menu options or foods to fit your specific dietary needs, I Love Juice Bar has something for everyone. Customers agree, and here are some raving about our menu offerings in their own words:

“The green smoothie that the juice barista recommended was fresh and delicious. The potato leek soup tastes AMAZING! Our juicers Cole and Dylan were super friendly and have great energy

“Friendly staff, prompt service, I’m very happy with the online ordering process for those mornings I’m running late, oh and most importantly the juice is always delicious.” – Chiq Will, St. Louis, Missouri

“Finally, a place I can take my kids without worrying about food allergies! Very friendly service too!! We love it!!!” – Elle Sala, St. Louis, Missouri

I Love Juice Bar is a place for family and friends to gather

Though we couldn’t be prouder of our menu, we’re so much more than just a restaurant. I Love Juice Bar is a destination, a place where like-minded individuals and families can congregate to share their pursuits of healthier, more fulfilling lives. We’re honored to provide such a place, and thrilled that customers feel we’re living up to our mission:

juice bar franchise

“Yummy. My daughters and I love weekend mornings at Juice Bar. It’s becoming part of our routine. Smoothies are incredible, but the super fruit salad and pad thai are another favorite. The atmosphere is always fun and happy.” – Mary Sue Edgerly, Brentwood, Tennessee

“Best place for healthy goodies and fresh juice my kids can’t get enough and everybody who works at any of the Juice Bar locations is sweet and wonderful!” – Mel True, Berry Hill, Tennessee

“Home is where the heart is! Grateful for a place like this to call home.”

I Love Juice Bar customer service delights time and again

Our inviting atmosphere and delicious menu wouldn’t be possible without our superb customer service. We offer industry-leading support to make sure our franchisees are hiring and training the best teams possible. The results speak for themselves in the form of impressed customers:

“After suffering from a terrible violent migraine, I went into the Juice Bar to see if maybe there was something on their menu to help me feel better. The employees there were so very helpful & fixed me up with “The Doc” It really worked! LOVE the Juice Bar. Looking forward to my next visit! Thanks guys!” – Rebecca Lee, Brentwood, Tennessee

“The staff is as much my favorite as the yummy treats!!! Super sweet and I always feel like I’m visiting friends!…and the music playing always puts me in a dancing mood!” – Candace Blackstock, Berry Hill, Tennessee

Customer happiness is a recipe for franchise success

Keeping our customers ecstatic about our brand is the key to I Love Juice Bar’s rapid, successful expansion over the past several years. Happy customers become the best brand ambassadors for I Love Juice Bar, bringing repeat business and inviting their friends and family. As we continue our nationwide expansion, we will remain committed to a high standard of customer service in support of our healthy menu and inviting atmosphere. We’re excited to work with franchisees who are as passionate about this mission as we are.

Owning an I Love Juice Bar franchise can be both professionally and personally rewarding. You can bring I Love Juice Bar to your community for a relatively low investment, with startup costs ranging from $170,860 to just over $300,000.

Learn more about how we started, why our mission is important to us and how our business model is structured by checking out our research pages.

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