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Posted Nov 7th, 2016

Colts Stars Juiced About I Love Juice Bar Franchise

NFL Player Kendall Langford not only juices; he’s also a franchise partner with Matt and Dee Brereton in the Indianapolis market with an I Love Juice Bar Franchise location.

The popularity of juicing continues to expand, and as a recent article in the Indianapolis Star points out, even major football stars are getting into the I Love Juice Bar franchise business. The Star article recounts how Matt and Dee Brereton’s Indianapolis location caught the attention of two big names in Colts football.

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Matt and Dee have partnered with Colts defensive end Kendall Langford, his former teammate Antoine Bethea, and Antoine’s wife and former Colts cheerleader Cristin in a new location in the Carmel region of Indianapolis. This unique partnership is just one of the dozens of permutations of I Love Juice Bar ownership that has developed as I Love Juice Bar sweeps the nation.

I Love Juice Bar is a healthy franchise that offers fresh-made juices to customers who prefer food options that are nutritious, delicious and convenient. The fast-growing franchise system is quickly carving a niche in the $5 billion fresh juice industry by offering the highest quality ingredients in markets from Indianapolis, Indiana, to Allen, Texas.

Here are a few reasons why entrepreneurs like the Breretons and their football-star partners are gravitating to I Love Juice Bar.

I Love Juice Bar franchises are a healthy alternative to fast food

In the Star article, Kendall talks about the need to be bulky but healthy for his job. At more than 6’6”, he’s got the height, and maintaining his almost 300-pounds weight can be a challenge, especially considering, he reveals in the Star, he gave up fast food almost 10 years ago. Our unique menu covers juices and smoothies, and we also offer dozens of healthy food choices.

From salads to spring rolls to sandwiches, I Love Juice Bar is quickly establishing itself as the go-to hub for healthy living and dining. Just ask Matt.

“More and more people are going vegan or just eating healthier — green, so to speak — and I Love Juice Bar provides a lot of different options, making it a popular place for people to go and drink and eat,” Matt says.

Healthy eating trends are driving sales and growth

It’s not just pro football players jumping on the healthy eating bandwagon. Matt and Dee discovered I Love Juice Bar due to their young child’s food allergies. Other customers are discovering I Love Juice Bar because they’re seeking to transform their lives.

“The interesting thing about Indianapolis is that, right now, it’s becoming trendy to be healthy,” Matt says, highlighting the spread of the healthy eating wave across the country. When it comes to healthy, customers are seeking out the anti-fast food alternatives. I Love Juice Bar is leading the charge.

According to Forbes, the healthy eating industry in the U.S. topped $10.6 billion in 2015, a trend that analysts expect to continue in coming years. Meanwhile, the magazine also reports that 88% of consumers are willing to spend more to dine healthy, which will drive sales higher and faster than non-healthy food choices. There’s never been a better time to join I Love Juice Bar.

Learn more about bringing I Love Juice Bar franchise to your community

Owning an I Love Juice Bar franchise is a remarkably affordable option, with startup costs that range from $170,000 to just over $300,000. You can learn more about how we started, why our mission is important to us and how our business model is structured by checking out our research pages. For more information, fill out a form to download our free franchise report.

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