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Posted Feb 5th, 2018

College Markets Make Great Locations for I Love Juice Bar Franchises

Franchise owners find success serving students

A college or university town makes a terrific site for fast-casual restaurant brands, including I Love Juice Bar. Students and young adults love our authentic products and customer experience. For Juice Bar franchisees, communities in and around college campuses make ideal spots for their businesses, as the dense population offers a promising pool of potential employees, as well as a steady stream of customers.

“Several of our Juice Bar locations are near college campuses,” says John Hunt, CEO and co-founder of I Love Juice Bar. “It’s not hard to imagine why these locations do so well. Millennials and generation Z love our delicious, wholesome, convenient and portable juices, smoothies, salads and bowls. Juice Bar is ideal for the busy college student who needs healthy food fast.”

According to a recent article from, college markets are significant for franchise growth and development because of the built-in clientele. “In and around college campuses, density skyrockets — more so than in non-college settings. The more densely populated a market or site, the better the opportunity to have a consistent supply of consumers, which is … [a] benefit of building in college markets,” the article states.

Juice Bars in college towns become popular student hangouts

Another benefit of opening a Juice Bar in a college market is that your store becomes a magnet for gathering. Serving the local community has always been a priority for I Love Juice Bar, so, naturally, a restaurant in a college town has virtually unlimited opportunity to engage their customers. It’s not unusual to see friends together studying, meeting or just hanging out.

“We like to keep our Juice Bars welcoming to our students with plenty of space for them to hang out and study,” says multi-unit owner Scott Tashie in Memphis, Tennessee. His Juice Bars serve students at several colleges and universities nearby, including the University of Memphis, Christian Brothers University and Rhodes College. “We keep the vibe warm and welcoming so that they feel like they have a home away from home. We have a vast menu ranging from juices and smoothies to smoothie bowls and grab-and-go food items. Providing healthy juice and food helps keep their bodies happy and their minds focused.”

Young adults also crave authenticity, which is another reason why Juice Bar does so well in a college town. Our all-natural, fresh and wholesome ingredients combined with our welcoming environment give customers a genuine encounter each time they visit I Love Juice Bar.  “The fast-casual segment is unique in that it can deliver on affordable, wholesome meals with a meaningful experience. If done properly, you extend the value of … [the student’s] dollar and become more important to the demographic.”

Learn more about opening an I Love Juice Bar franchise

If you live near a college or university campus and believe I Love Juice Bar would be a good fit, we’d love to talk with you. Learn more by exploring our research pages or requesting a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

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